LYNX VISION has been recognized as the leading brand in the CCTV surveillance industry for many years providing wide variety of high quality and cost effective products. We provide full product lines in CRT, LCD, Camera, DVR and other peripherals that offer wide CCTV application for every field of industry and transportation vehicle. LYNX VISION is now located at 8 RUEOPENVELD 1082 BRUSSELS, Belgium. LYNX VISION is dedicated to research & development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality CCTV solution. It has already built up its reputation as a firm of international level. The company has successfully produced CCTV-integrated systems and services, which have contributed to its competitive advantage. LYNX VISION insist management ideas on confidence, devout, patience, perseverance which absorbed in the R&D, product technique and marketing to produce high quality product, meeting the wide variety of customer needs and offer technical support immediately to build the everlasting management of company foundation. With supports from all company employees, LYNX VISION is able to create a steady sales increase in past three years. This is all due to everyone’s diligent and untiring contribution toward LYNX VISION in CCTV industry. All efforts devoted in the past have now staring to yield a fruitful result. LYNX VISION focus a lot on customer's need and develop the customized products fitting in with the regular market, OEM project, public and community surveillance system.The sales team has professional knowledge and is familiar with various demands from different kinds of customers; and further, they can cooperate with our engineer team to design the most friendly surveillance facility to the end users. QA/QC control the product quality following the standard procedure of verification. We're always standing at customer's side to provide the service.