The recording of calls and screen activities in contact centers serves as the foundation for subsequent analysis as well as verification of transactions for risk and complaints management. Voice recording systems also facilitate protection of property and employees.

ASC’s communications recording solutions capture, archive and analyze calls, screen activities and related information in accordance with prescribed security standards.

  • ASC's VoIP recording software EVOip, captures IP-based communications and can be seamlessly integrated into any IT infrastructure or virtual environment.
  • EVOip can also be combined with ASC's quality monitoring software INSPIRATIONproon a shared server. This reduces the complexity of the IT infrastructure and ensures smooth operation and workflow.
  • ASC’s communications systems, MARATHON EVOLUTION, MARATHON EVOLUTION XXL and MARATHON EVOlite, provide universal recording for traditional telephony.
  • EVOip can also be combined with MARATHON communications recording systems to support either pure IP-based or hybrid architectures, enabling recording in VoIP and traditional telephony environments with just one recorder.

Contact centers with multiple locations can centralize communications recording, data storage and archiving to reduce complexity and meet documentation regulations.